For over 10 years our company has been developing comprehensive solutions within the scope of water treatment, chemical water correction, installations, technology selection as well as various cleaning services for the industry, households, gastronomy and hotel industry.
We provide services for leaders of the following branches:
- food industry
- mining industry
- processing industry
- metallurgical industry
- electric machinery industry
- automotive industry
and many other sectors of light industry, hotel industry, gastronomy and private households.

Whenever assistance was required within the areas of water treatment and chemical water correction we have always managed to succeed in solving the problem. In addition to installing various top quality equipment for preliminary water treatment we have also undertaken expert services such as:
-rust removal


In numerous cases we have combined these processes into one comprehensive cleaning service of circuits, heat exchangers, specialistic machines with their passivation. Thanks to the technology based on phases we have developed, as well as comprehensive parameters control, we have carried out complex cleaning services in circuits characterized by a very small pipe cross-section, machines with specific construction and all kinds of non-standard cooling systems. One of our assets is the fact that we produce agents applied during cleaning processes in circuits which allows us to select products perfectly designed to solve a specific problem.


Installations carried out by us such as:
-water softening stations
-de-ironing and de-manganesation stations
-reverse osmosis systems
-gravel stations and active carbon stations
-chemical preparations dosing systems
-automatic desalination systems
-preliminary filters, both mechanical and automatic
and all other systems in our offer are top class equipment tested by our company over the years.


Gallery presented below features a handful of our realizations, installations and services. It includes photos taken before and after cleaning services have been provided, as well as photos presenting installations of stations and comprehensive chemical water correction systems.


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