The first step in the process of preparing water for treatment is its preliminary filtration( mechanical filtration). Mechanical filtration aims at removing all solids from the water, therefore protecting the water treatment devices against mechanical damage or silting up. Following a careful water analysis, our company is able to select optimal filtration for contaminants present in the supply water.


Thanks to mechanical filtration we can avoid problems related to:
- damage or a decreased efficiency of water treatment devices.
- silting up
- blockages in narrow coils
- damaging circulation pumps
and many others caused by solid contaminants present in the circuit.


Preliminary filters with a self-rinsing device installed at technological water supply as well as at water supply for evaporative condensers before water softening station. Application of this solution was aimed at eliminating the risk of solid contaminants reaching control valves of the softening station and entering the technological process.


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