Physico-chemical water analysis is a basic tool used during the water treatment method selection.

The scope of the analysis includes:
- pH
- conductivity
- water hardness
- iron content, manganese content, zinc content, chloride ions content,
- others if needed.

We use the aforementioned tests both when dealing with new installations (supply water analysis) as well as existing installations in order to evaluate the condition of the circuit. As part of our customer service we perform free of charge monthly water analysis taking into consideration sensitive elements of the installation. Thanks to these procedures we have a complete overview of physico-chemical changes occurring in the circuit. A key element in water analysis is the water supply which constitutes our benchmark. By comparing circuit water parameters to the supply water we are able to precisely determine what physico-chemical processes take place in the installation and select appropriate chemical water correction and water treatment technology. In order to select appropriate technology, devices, chemical water correction systems contact our service department and our marketing department.

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