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Gastronomy and hotels as well as households use significant amounts of water every day. It may be used for various purposes such as cooking, preparing meals and drinks, washing, washing up, it is also used in bathrooms by hotel quests, employees and household residents. In all aforementioned sectors water is also utilized for heating purposes.


Is it worthwhile to consider water treatment?
We don’t always realize improving water quality is not the only benefit of water treatment, it also
allows for financial savings.

Some benefits of proper water conditioning include:
 it significantly prolongs the life of household appliances coming in contact with water or steam( washing machines, steamers, dishwashers, coffee machines)
- a reduction in detergent consumption
- savings in maintenance of the devices and installations
- improved taste of food and drinks
- laundry feels softer
- we get rid of streaks on cleaned bathroom fittings, dishes, cutlery,
- anti-deposit protection of heating circuits, especially in case of popular underfloor heating it is
highly advisable to apply a suitably selected preparation to provide anti-corrosion protection.

Water supply network or individual water intake…

This constitutes an important issue during the process of selecting a suitable system. Before reaching hotels, restaurants and homes, water from the supply network undergoes the process of preliminary treatment, majority of mechanical contaminants are removed, but it is also chlorinated, which influences its taste and smell. Selecting suitable equipment will help prevent these changes. Moreover, water which is safe for drinking, is not necessarily suitable for household appliances and  installations. The major problem is water hardness responsible for limescale and deposit formation. Selecting the right water softening station or a reverse osmosis system will help eliminate these problems.

In the case of individual water intake or water coming from a well it is required to filter the water mechanically. Additionally, in the majority of cases iron levels and manganese levels are increased, this can be avoided with the help of de-ironing and de-manganesation processes. In both cases problems related to microorganisms may arise, disinfection using UV radiation will be an excellent solution.

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