Vitrochem Group is a partner for companies exploiting cooling systems and steam boiler systems on daily basis and struggling to maintain their proper condition.


We produce chemical agents, install water treatment systems, our area of expertise includes providing cleaning services performed both in installations as well as additional devices.


By choosing Vitrochem Group our clients gain access not only to a wide spectrum of products but
also expert services within the area of:

- descaling
- rust removal
- degreasing
- comprehensive cleaning of cooling systems, industrial machinery as well as all types of heat


Over the course of years we have managed to solve numerous problems encountered by production companies and related to areas such as:

- limescale deposits
- corrosion of various metals ( copper, aluminum, steel)
- mineral deposits
- biological processes
- adapting suitable chemical water correction technology, treatment of cooling and boiler water
- anti-corrosion and anti-deposit protection of steam boilers and heating furnaces.


The experience we have gained so far, lets us believe standard solutions are often not sufficient to solve the problem of installation malfunction. Below you will find several examples of non-standard solutions we have developed:


1)In order to meet our client’s needs we have developed a product under the trade name of Vitro P- a special cleaning agent highly effective in removing persistent oil dirt. Using Vitro Ci inhibitor  once the process of cleaning has been completed additionally provides anti-corrosion protection for cleaned black steel elements.


2) Our innovation department has developed a portable chemical water correction kit. The kit mounted on a mobile platform includes:
-a water softening station including a capacity control option
-an automatic desalination system
-an installation allowing for a suitable dosing of corrosion inhibitors and deposit stabilizers.

Clients may also buy or rent a portable chemical water correction kit. It works best in conditioning of cooling systems with insignificant circuit water losses. The system maintains water parameters at suitable levels by monitoring them continuously. Due to its mobility and easy installation the kit may be used to treat installations consisting of several cooling circuits, which reduces the cost of their maintenance and guarantees their failurefree operation.


3) Another project, which is being tested currently, involves establishing an integrated system of continuous monitoring of cooling water parameters. Online control of water quality allows for effective controlling of water treatment and conditioning.


4) We have also developed an agent under the name of Vitro AMR- stabilized glycol. Due to applied additives our product is more durable and maintains its appropriate parameters for a longer time in comparison to unstabilized glycol.

Our realization involving a selection of suitable rust removal technology along with anti-corrosion protection of welding machines in open tubs( materials: black steel, copper and other non-ferrous metals in the entire circuit)

Our realization involving a selection of comprehensive chemical water correction technology in a closed circuit ( existing problems with corrosion, limescale, increased density of the circuit). The circuit is constructed mainly of black steel with copper and other non-ferrous metals. Application of automatic desalination system, water softening station, appropriately selected corrosion inhibitors and deposit stabilizers.


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