Rigorous requirements concerning bacteria and microorganisms in technological water for food industry and pharmaceutical industry resulted in a necessity of finding a quick, maintenance-free disinfection system. The method uses UV lamps emitting radiation destroying microorganisms and bacteria present in the water used in technological process. Water treatment by means of UV radiation disinfection does not require significant financial expenses. It is easy to install and maintain. Disinfection using UV lamps does not affect taste, odor or chemical characteristics of water and therefore constitutes a perfect solution for food industry and medical industry. Our company selects, installs and maintains UV lamps. We can recommend equipment for pipes of every diameter, set flow as well as specific requirements of our clients.

Zawór kontrolny-control valve
Zasilanie w wodę-water supply
Filtr wstępny-preliminary filter
Zawór by-pass-by-pass valve
Panel kontrolny-control panel
Gniazdko 220V-220V socket

Dezynfekcja UV

Lampa UV VCG UV014 wydajność 1,4 m3/h

Lampa UV VCG UV09 wydajność 0,9 m3/h

Lampa UV VCG UV06 wydajność 0,6 m3/h

Lampa UV VCG UV02 wydajność 0,2 m3/h

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