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Vitrochem Group is a team of experts dealing with comprehensive chemical water correction and water treatment for the purposes of technological processes, gastronomy, hotel industry and household use.


We produce chemical agents used in water treatment, cleaning and protection of industrial installations.


Our offer includes:

- corrosion inhibitors for black steel
- corrosion inhibitors for non-ferrous metals
- corrosion inhibitors able to dissolve calcium deposits
- inhibitors for temporary steel protection
- agents for deposit stabilization in cooling circuits
- inhibitors able to bind oxygen remnants, both volatile and non-volatile forming in steam
boiler circuits with high pressure and low pressure boilers.
- descaling agents
- rust removal agents
- non-flammable cleaning agents for removing persistent industrial dirt
- special agents made to individual order

Our offer includes installation of the following water treatment systems:

 - preliminary, mechanical filters
- gravel filters
- water softening stations
- de-manganesation and de-ironing stations
- reverse osmosis systems
- UV disinfection systems
- dosing pumps for chemical preparations
- automatic desalination systems


We provide services within the scope of:

-rust removal
All services are applicable to cooling systems, heating circuits, circuits of technological, industrial and sanitary water.

The experience we have gained over the years allows us to tackle problems related to persistent contaminations. We address specific as well as non-standard challenges. If you have any questions, please contact us via the contact form, chat, email or telephone.

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