Gravel filters are used to purify water of solid contaminants. Selecting suitable gravel media depends on the type and form of the contaminants. Gravel filtration allows for easy removal of unwanted solid particles from the supply water as well as circuit water. Gravel filters are based on the principle of continuous filtration of water through appropriately selected filtration gravel. The station with gravel media may be installed at water supply for preliminary water purification but also inside the circuit in order to purify water circulating within the installation. Our filters are individually selected to meet client’s needs as well as the desired efficiency. Following a careful analysis of the technological process our experts will suggest optimal placement of the filtrating equipment.


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Stacje filtrowe do usuwania zanieczyszczeń z wody

Stacja z węglem aktywnym: bez zabudowy kompaktowej wydajność 2,2 m3/h
123 000,00 zł brutto

Stacja z węglem aktywnym bez zabudowy kompaktowej wydajność 1,5 m3/h

Stacja z węglem aktywnym bez zabudowy kompaktowej wydajność 1 m3/h

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