Vitrochem has developed a comprehensive technology of removing rust from materials such as:
-black steel, cast iron
-copper, aluminum, brass
and other non-ferrous metals


By applying our Vitro ODR preparation in suitable concentrations, cleaned elements are not negatively affected. Once the rust removal is completed, all surfaces exposed to corrosion are passivated with the use of corrosion inhibitor from Vitro group.

Example scheme of a rust removal service in a cooling system:

Phase 1
- removing circuit water with the use of circulation
- obtaining optimal pH level

Phase 2
- rust removal process
- monitoring physico-chemical parameters of the working mixture

Phase 3
- rinsing with a cleaning agent
- final rinsing with soft water

Phase 4
- passivation with the use of a carefully selected corrosion inhibitor
In order to have the examination performed and to obtain the cost estimate of the descaling
service, contact us.


Example realizations below:


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