VITROCHEM offers comprehensive degreasing services along with industrial sludge removal performed in circuits. We eliminate oil contamination, grease and other contaminations resulting from operation of machines, devices and cooling circuits. Before carrying out the degreasing service we collect samples of contaminations in order to
determine their character and select a suitable cleaning agent as well as a cleaning method. Steps involved in the cleaning service depend on numerous variables,

in order to present anexample, we will use a recent service we have provided:


Circuit specifications:
-capacity 10m3
-oil cooling
-oil leakages into the water system



-removing the leak
-degreasing and passivation of black steel and copper


Phases of the operation:
1)rinsing with a cleaning agent
2)circulating with soft water
3)degreasing and rust removal
4)rinsing with a pH increasing agent
5)passivation with corrosion inhibitors from Vitro group
6)supplying the circuit with softened water
7)regular controls of water parameters within the framework of cooperation


In order to have the examination performed and to obtain the cost estimate of the degreasing
service contact us.


Example realizations below:

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