Due to their operating specifications steam boiler systems are particularly at risk of limescale deposits. This results in corrosion of the installation as well as its compromised efficiency. Products we have developed provide suitable anti-corrosion and anti-deposit protection in
industrial installations.


Our experts have developed a product under the name of Vitro Tanin. Due to its non-volatile characteristics it is widely applied in food industry. It provides anti-corrosion protection and is not transferred with steam into the production process. Products displaying volatile characteristics are used in less demanding processes. We recommend Vitro 9002pH+ preparation- an anti-corrosion and anti-deposit agent to be used in boilers. Due to its volatile characteristics, it spreads in the entire installation and provides anticorrosion and anti-deposit protection. The inside of a steam boiler prior to the application of Vitro Tanin. The same installation after 6 months of Vitro Tanin application.


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Vitro 9002 pH+ - inhibitor korozji lotny

Vitro Tanin - inhibitor korozji nielotny

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