Our offer includes cleaning agents widely applied in the industry. They are used in industrial washers, spray tables and in manual dirt removal. We can develop a cleaning agent to deal with any kind of contamination.


Uses of preparations we recommend include but are not limited to:
- washing, degreasing production elements in industrial washers (single and multi-segmented).
- pressure washing of machines, devices, fins, production lines.
- immersion cleaning performed in order to remove industrial dirt from large-sized products.
- all other processes which require small parts to be clean.


Our offer includes services within the scope of cleaning and maintenance of machines, devices and industrial washers. We recommend our preparations, their full descriptions can be found in „ready products” section.


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Our company has unlimited production capacity and will gladly face new challenges presented by our clients. We are aware that some specific industrial contaminations require individual approach. Using our team’s potential and expertise we are able to develop and produce an effective preparation designed to remove them. In order to establish a new agent it is necessary to collect samples of contaminants and carry out tests.


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Thanks to hard work and dedication of our team we have developed and initiated the production of two innovative cleaning agents with a wide range of industrial uses: Vitro P and Vitro Sz. They remove oil dirt, carbon deposits as well as all sorts of industrial contaminations. Vitro P and Vitro Sz may be applied in industrial washers, spray washer as well as manual cleaning. Please refer to product section, where you will find additional information concerning these agents.


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postać: ciecz klarowna lekko opalizująca
zapach: charakterystyczny
pH: 10,5 - 12,5

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