Our offer includes comprehensive descaling services for cooling circuits, machines, devices and all types of heat exchangers. Problems related to limescale deposits occur in majority of installations, using non-invasive
methods our company is able to remove limescale deposits by dissolving them. Example limescale deposits removal takes place in the following phases:
1)preparing the installation or device
2)descaling with the use of Vitro CAL
3)rinsing the circuit
4)applying pH increasing agent
5)passivation of the system and supplying water with the right parameters.


Necessary agents and descaling processes are always selected individually. In order to have the examination performed and to obtain the cost estimate of the descaling service contact us.

Factors influencing the process of selecting a suitable technology:
-water zone capacity
-materials used in the circuit
-water analysis results
-type of devices for water treatment


Below, result of our work:


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